Appointments & Prices

Private Health Insurance

Many health insurance companies recognise the benefits that chiropractic treatment can offer their members, which is why if you have private health insurance or health insurance through work, then you can more than likely make a claim on your policy. Please contact the clinic for more information.



Free Phone Consultation

If you are unsure as to whether chiropractic care is right for you or your condition, make an appointment for a chat to one of our practitioners who will happily discuss this with you free of charge with no obligation.



New Patient Examination

If you have never been to the North End Chiropractic Clinic before please book a New Patient Examination. We will take a full medical history and you will undergo a full physical examination relevant to your presenting complaint, as well as a general ‘health MOT’.



Single Appointment

After an examination your Chiropractor will suggest a course of treatments in order to get the best outcome. The frequency and number of visits will depend on you and your condition, however once recovered, periodic maintenance treatments may be recommended to assist in preventing recurrence.