Be Better

Athlete/Event Support

If you are a striving athlete, sporting team or sporting event organiser, we can offer you support based at North End Chiropractic Clinic or even at your club or event.

All of our practitioners have strong sporting backgrounds and a particular interest in musculoskeletal function. We specialise in how dysfunction, not necessarily pain or injury, can affect performance across all sports at all levels.

At the clinic…

We are not coaches and cannot offer advice on techniques specific to individual sports, but what we can do is assess the musculoskeletal system, looking at muscle strength and endurance, flexibility, motor control and balance to identify any ‘weak links’. These ‘weak links’ or ‘energy leaks’ can greatly affect the efficiency and effectiveness of how individual joints and muscles work together as a unit to create ideal movement patterns and force transfer.

Preparing individuals for an event

Using the information we gather on your current training routine, we will provide a full summary of your activities of daily life as well as training habits. This information is vital for us to work in conjunction with you and your coach to plan and adapt your training.

A Functional Performance Assessment will identify areas for improvement with regard to addressing any ‘niggles’ you may already have, performance enhancement and future injury prevention. We may also offer nutritional information to supplement your training and recovery.

At your club or event…

We can assist individuals during an event ‘on-the-day’, which may include kinesiology taping before participation or massage following the event to aid recovery. Please contact the clinic for more details or to speak to us about supporting you and/or your event.