Be Better


A rehabilitation program is a monitored exercise program designed to reduce symptoms, improve function and promote independence, thereby improving the overall well being of patients.

Whilst the symptoms of a condition can be treated with passive care, there are typically underlying factors that have lead to a problem, and these can be referred to as ‘musculoskeletal dysfunction’. The site of pain is often not the site of the problem, and it is important to determine and address the contributing factors to your condition, which vary between individuals.

Musculoskeletal dysfunction can include impairments in:

  • muscle strength
  • muscle endurance
  • muscle flexibility
  • joint mobility
  • balance
  • motor control (simply the way that you move)

… all of which can be combatted with a combination of prescribed exercises and/or stretches.

Rehabilitation can play a small or significant part of a treatment plan and may be introduced at any stage during a course of treatment. Your understanding and involvement is vital to the success of any rehabilitation program and we advise you to speak to your practitioner if you have questions or concerns.