“After months of suffering a bad back, the pain getting worse, my walking getting more difficult. Legs feeling heavy and my feet numb and cold. After my first treatment, I found it much easier to move, my legs and feet felt like my own again, the numbness and cold gone. Now after a few treatments… Read more »


“Following a fall from a horse which left me feeling battered and bruised and more worryingly with limited neck movement, I arrived here at the clinic. Timo was very professional and listened carefully to my account of the accident. He booked me in for x-rays immediately in order to assess the injury to my neck… Read more »

Clive, Professional Golfer

“I first came to the Clinic when I was in pain, and that was dealt with easily, but after regular visits my movement and flexibility improved dramatically. As a professional golfer the treatment has meant I can achieve movement in my technique that in the past was unobtainable. This has meant an improvement in my… Read more »


“Some months ago I received my certificate for my 2nd Dan black belt and I am writing to you – rather belatedly – to thank you all (once again!!) for your assistance in achieving this. I am not getting any younger, and my sport is a ‘young persons sport’ but I continue to thrive through… Read more »


“I am writing this with the intention that any reader will be able to take comfort in what can be achieved by receiving treatment here. I am aged 74 years young. Just over 10 years ago I was attached by a group of thugs, which resulted in amongst other things suffering a broken knee. Due… Read more »


“I came to The Clinic with neck pain, headaches and some vertigo. I also had permanent discomfort in the hip and occasionally the lower back and knee. I found the treatment very helpful from the first appointment, easing the neck which relieved the headaches and dizziness immediately and working on the hip problem which made… Read more »