Clinic Now Open

UPDATE. We are delighted to be opening on Tuesday the 23nd June, bookings can now be placed by leaving a message on 023 92654 758. We are of course taking all necessary precautions inline with the government current guidelines, so please help us by complying with these when you visit us. If you have an existing appointment please contact us on the above telephone number.

Injury Prevention: rest with the same intensity that you train

When you train you put your body tissues under stress. Micro damage occurs, which is normal, and your body then works to repair this during rest. Many things can affect your body’s ability to heal or absorb load; stress, lack of restful sleep and poor diet can all lead to decreased tissue tolerance and a decreased ability to heal.

When and why do injuries happen? The overuse injuries we see commonly occur when the load a tissue is exposed to becomes greater than its tolerance. In other words, it works too hard for too long and breaks down, just like the brakes on your bike. In the body this can manifest as pain, but overworked… Read more »

Five ways to avoid a painful Christmas

We all know our wallets are going to have a painful time this Christmas; your body need not have such a rough time. It all comes down to that mythical thing called ‘Planning’….I know, I know.......... ‘impossible’ you say. Well here are five simple things that might get you through.

A painful body is probably not on anybody’s Christmas list, here are five simple things that may help you through. Thankfully none of it is rocket science. Take more exercise, simple as that. I don’t mean a 10 mile run every day, just a 30 minute brisk walk once a day would help. We are… Read more »

The Acupuncture train has arrived, destination Pain Free! Woot Woop

North End Chiropractic Clinic is pleased to be able to provide Acupuncture as part of your treatment plan. Acupuncture is ace for all sorts of things, painful knees, tension-type headaches, long standing chronic back ache as well as loads in-between. Come on down, grab a coffee and have a chat, lets see if we can get you squared away.

Most people have some knowledge of acupuncture, put simply acupuncture involves super fine needles being inserted through the skin and briefly left to do their thing. The numbers of needles vary as does the depth to which the needles are advanced. This is all dependent on our assessment of you and your complaint so is… Read more »

Back to school

“According to new research from the British Chiropractic Association (BCA), over 33% of parents say that their child has suffered from back or neck pain in the past”. Back pain can be caused by a number of different factors, overloaded school bags are a common trigger.

Whilst stationary and school books are important, it’s how your child carries them that can have the most impact on their health. Despite most people knowing that a rucksack is the best type of bag to use to promote a more healthy posture, nearly a third of children carry a one-strapped bag which can cause… Read more »