Five ways to avoid a painful Christmas

A painful body is probably not on anybody’s Christmas list, here are five simple things that may help you through. Thankfully none of it is rocket science.

Take more exercise, simple as that. I don’t mean a 10 mile run every day, just a 30 minute brisk walk once a day would help. We are designed to move so we probably should.

Watch your posture. Think about how long your spending sat down watching Elf, the Queens speech, the X Factor finals…..that sofa of yours could be causing you a whole world of issues. Just get up every advert break and have a wander.

Use your family……..Get help. Rather than battle away lifting that monster turkey sat right at the back of the oven. Have one of those lovely people your cooking it for help you out.

Try not to get too stressed. Rushing around chasing that impossible perfect Christmas isn’t going to do your body any favors. Cup of tea, brisk walk with the people you care about and everything is good.

Don’t wait. If your already getting that tell tale ache and its not budging, don’t wait until it turns into a horror show. Nobody wins. Get some help and advise from someone that knows.

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